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Curls Galore
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

***PreREVIEW***Urbanbella- The Kinky, Curly, Wavy Hair Apothecary

Ok curly chicks...The time I have been dreading is steadily approaching...SHAPING TIME. I dread getting shapings and trims because I always leave feeling like I have been robbed of precious inches of my hair. And as we all know a shaping and a fingerstyle at a natural salon can run you anywhere from $80 to $125!!! Crazy talk I tell ya!! But after two full years of being natural, I need some shaping to even out my hair lengths and bring back all of the body and fullness I used to have.

Well Urbanbella which is located in Atlanta in the Buckhead area, (141 W. Wieuca Rd.Suite 202A Atlanta, Ga.30342)offered a special discount for people willing to participate in a demonstration class. The cost? Wait for it...wait for it...$25!!! You cannot beat professional salon services at this price. Who cares who watches me get my hair done?

I love the retail store part of Urbanbella. They sell all of the major natural hair brands. But now I get to experience the salon side! I will try to document my honest first hand opinion of the salon services and report back to you guys!!!

***Before, during and after pictures to come!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kinky Curly Curling Custard

KCCC is definitely following in Miss Jessie's and Shea Moisture's footsteps by filling the shelves at TARGET! No more driving across town to fibd a whole foods or stalking every natural hair store until they get it!!! Yay ladies we are coming up in the world! Kinky is now on the shelves!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The causes of my habit...(to help you control yours)

Here is a (growing) list of my favorite products. Many of them do the same things, but they may just have a different scent, price point or drying times so I will try my best to describe these varying details to you in my descriptions of why these products are my MUST HAVES.

VIA Naturals Green Tea Infused clear styling gel-
I just discovered this delicious little diamond in the rough two weeks ago but it has quickly become a favorite. The Gel costs around $4 for a huge "almost salon" sized container. This Gel has no scent. I shingle my hair with VIA ( shingling is when you part your hair from the back and apply product from root to ends of hair making sure all hair has product applied evenly)

2. Miss. Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment

This is a once weekly deep conditioning treatment. The consistancy is like a very thick cream. This product is kind of costly, a 16oz jar of RRT costs about $58. But you only use it once a week so it lasts a while. I love how soft it makes my hair and how well it detangles my hair. It has hard to describe scent...its kind of purfumy...but I dont think its unpleasant or overpowering.

3. Shea Moisture Conditioning Hair Milk

This is a pretty new addition to my addiction. I believe it is only sold at TARGET now. It was only $9.99, which i was very unused to. It is coconut and hibiscus scented. The scent is very strong, but pleasantly so. This scent is one of the best of all my fixes. The cosistancy of the hair milk is very similar to a thin conditioner like Suave. This product is for moisture and iy kept my hair moisturized and baby soft all day, with no greasy residue. I mostly use this product after I have shingled my hair with clear gel to eliminate the crunch.

4. Pantene PRO-V Relaxed and Natural, for women of color Intense Moisturizing Conditioner

This is a regular ole' conditioner. It cost about $3.50-4.50 depending on the size. I got a 12 oz bottle for $3.17 at TARGET. This conditioner works great for me. My hair stays moisturized most of the day. I will stress though, that what works great for me may be kinda blah for you... so when you run across a product this doesn't really hurt to try it.

5. Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Now I will say that this baby is a staple in my product collection...but, I have had a love/ hate relationship with this natural styling gel. When I first purchased this product from Urbanbella (a natural salon and hair apothecary located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta,Ga.)I was sooooo ready to rip it open and try it out. I applied the product to my hair in half-hearted clumps. The results were NOT very appealing...The second time I attempted to try the product I learned I had to shingle my hair (part hair in smal section and apply product from root to ends) Well...I used to much I took all day to air dry...I felt like a wet mop all day!! But in the midst of all the trial and error I found a happy medium. And I quickly fell in love with KCCC...and I recommend it to anybody looking for a good product to help define those curls and eliminate the frizz. This product can be found at Whole Foods all over and In Atlanta it is located at Urbanbella in two sizes a $30 16oz jar and a $17 for 8oz...It is kind of pricey BUT it lasts a long time. I have been using the same container for over a year now mostly daily up until the past couple of months. I also heard that KCCC is following in Miss Jessie's footsteps and hitting the shelves of the ever popular TARGET or "TAR-Jay"!!!

Ingredients:water, horsetail,chamomile, nettle and marshmellow,organic aloe vera juice, agave nectar extract, vitamin e, pectin, citric acid, potassium sorbate,natural fragrance.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deva curl AnGel economy sizes!!!!

Quick posting: there is a store outside the Macy's in Stonecrest Mall that sells a huge salon sized pump bottl of Deva curl gel!! This stuff is great for quick drying light weight hold. Its normally $17 for around a 12oz bottle. But this bottle is huge around 56oz maybe... For $37!!! Great deal!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cherry Lola Treatment

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Hey, Natural Beauties! This posting actually started as blog-like note posting on Facebook. The first part Is my original posting from a month ago Farther down is a current review after continued consistent repeats of the Cherry Lola Treatment

Diary of a Product Junkie: Cherry Lola Treatment
Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 10:45am (Original Facebook Posting)
Ok, Ladies I tried something new today called the Cherry Lola Treatment.... If you goggle it her website will pop up.

This treatment consists of :1 part all natural plain yogurt(this is kind of a natural conditioner (I have also noticed a vast reduction in my dandruff issues...could it be the quality that the bacteria in yogurt has of helping to maintain a healthy pH...idk I'm no scientist...YOU tell me) , 1/2 part baking soda (I think this is mostly to help your hair become more porous but it also cleans), 1/2 part Bragg's amino acids (these are vegetable proteins, nothing harsh, you can find this in kroger in the natural section, or some GNC's and Whole Foods)
( *i also added a 1/2 part of warm honey for moisture and a 1/2 part virgin coconut oil for moisture

Now, I read quite a few blogs with different ingredients and this is the one that works best for me. **If you are confused about the ratio of ingredients: If I use one cup of yogurt, a 1/2 part would be a half of a cup**
Mix all of the ingredients together and apply it to your hair section by section, making sure to coat all of your hair. Start with the frizziest section first, so if your roots are too frizzy start all over with the root then go back and do the shaft and the ends.The consistancy of the Cherry Lola Treatment is like a mousse. Most people say its crazy drippy but with the added honey mine wasn't too drippy. I would still have a Shower cap handy if you need to walk around.
This treatment is supposed to defrizz and condition your hair with all the amino acids and baking soda and yogurt. You can leave it in anywhere from 5 min to 45 min...

Im doing the altered version right now w/ the honey. My hair has really defined curls right now while wet.


It has been almost a month since I started doing the Cherry Lola Treatment and my results over time have been greater than I expected!! The first treatment I noticed that my curls were a little more defined but I still had some frizzing at the root. I have done the treatment once a week along with my Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment. I wanted to push my tests by using cheaper products. Instead of using Kinky curly curling custard(KCCC, or curly pudding-I used $3 clear VIA Naturals Gel. It comes in a huge tub. I do a quick shingle. I then dry my hair with a Diffuser or air dry (there is a shorter drying period using gel too!) And, Lastly when completely dry, I use Shea Moisture's Coconut hibiscus hair milk to take all the crunchiness out and moisture my hair.

If I wear a satin bonnet most nights (because we ALL know that satin cap ain't always gonna make it on that head!!), I can wear the same wash and go style for a whole week!!! I have never been able to accomplish this level of definition a whole week!

You can find out more about Cherry Lola's hair journey or her original treatment on her site. Try it and tell me how it works for you!!!I will publish pictures later...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey!! Curly's!

This is my first REAL Blog!!! I have been wanting to start one forever...but i am the biggest procrastinator. This blog, as the name implies is all about my obsession with random hair products , different natural hair styles, hair crisis moments and product reviews.

Ladies, every other week one of my friends puts up a facebook status stating that they are one Afro pick away from that CREAMY CRACK JAR...was it you?...Don't do it!!!Hold on SISTA!!!

I want to give some quick and easy ideas to keep you Loving your natural "Do"...Once again let me emphasize EVERYTHING THAT WORKS FOR ME MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. See how your hair works with certain styles on the weekend before you try to "Rock" them out and about.LOL. You know who have seen that girl with the crazy pointy twists sticking up all over her head like Hellraiser...

SUPER QUICK AND EASY medium to long hair
1** PONY PUFF- brush hair up with a wet brush and gel it with clear gel ( I LOVE ECO Styler it comes in huge containers for like $2)
-for variety flat twist the front of the hair before putting up in a pony tail
**tip** use those elastic headbands instead of rubberbands to keep shorter hair in the puff

2**pinned up mohawk- i wash my hair and brush each side up and throw a little ECO styler on each side the pin them up with bobbi pins

3** side hawk- One sided mohawk just as the name implies quick and simple takes 5 min tops
**tip**place some flat twists on the side closer toward the front and only put bobbi pins halfway down

***More time intensive styles***
1**two strand twist your whole head in fat chunky twists while wet...let hair dry and take down and separate twists to suit your taste

2**two strand twist your entire head in medium sized twists then put twist in rollers (four or five twists in each roller) You can wear this style twisted and curly or you can separate each twist and wear in a cute spiral twisty style

3**flat twist one entire side of your hair like a half hawk and then two strand twist the loose side

4** flat twist your entire head like corn rows while wet, then take it down when it dries and wear it as is or fluff it out

to be continued....I'll be back...